Stuart Winchester

I am a Middleware consultant working for Red Hat UK Consulting. is just somewhere I can write/blog about work, life, coding, and other bits and bobs. Quite often I’ll push code and snippets all over my GitHub account and one hope I have is that I can arrange some of these snippets into something understandable.

I have spent about 10 years of my professional career in Sydney, Australia, and have returned to the shores of the UK. I am a Citizen of both the UK and Australia - maybe that makes me a Citizen of Nowehere…?!

I’m keen to start writing more about what I do, including covering off some basics in my own words. I hope people will find this blog as useful as I will…!

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Producing And Consuming Amq7 Messages With Stomp And Bash

A quick post showing a neat way to post and consume messages on Jboss AMQ7 using the STOMP protocol. The initial idea behind this was to do a simple bash health check that would produce a message to a queue, and then confirm that message by consuming it.

Stuart Winchester Apr 17, 2019

Mounting Volumes Using Oc Run With Overrides

Small post to explain that if you ever need to use oc run and need to mount a volume for the process, then it is possible to do this by using overrides:

Stuart Winchester Sep 18, 2018

Testing Activemq On Openshift Using The Activemq Perf Maven Plugin

I have been meaning to write a blog post on this topic for a while. When on engagements and installing ActiveMQ on Openshift, I am often asked what is a quick way of testing out the install. Many times I would write a simple application using camel with a producer and consumer, however, this wouldn’t result in giving much on the statistics front.

Stuart Winchester Aug 24, 2018

Using Spring Batch To Orchestrate Jobs On Openshift

Batch jobs are a stalwart of any enterprise software collection. Even in this world of event driven architectures we cannot escape the fact that database jobs, and file based csv input/output probably drives the majority of our banking systems and various integrations.

Stuart Winchester May 1, 2018

Running Different Security Provider Jars In Karaf

I recently did some work at a client who were using a 3rd party provided java library in order to encrypt and decrypt data. This library had a specific algorithm, and would also use System.LoadLibrary() in order to load the jar. Their chosen platform was Jboss Fuse, the karaf flavour.

Stuart Winchester Feb 20, 2018

Camel Jdbc Aggregation Repository

Just a post to note that if you are running multiple aggregators in your context, then you will need to ensure you specify different aggregation repositories.

Stuart Winchester Feb 9, 2018

Field Recordings

Penarth Pier - Sunday 27/08/17

Stuart Winchester Aug 28, 2017

Running Once Off Tasks In Openshift

There are multiple ways to run once-off jobs in OpenShift, in this article I will cover a few different approaches.

Stuart Winchester Apr 18, 2017

Adding Volumes To Minishift

Update: with the latest versions of the CDK/minishift, there is a kubernetes job in the default namespace which does this for you. Very neat. Blog post remains for historical purposes.

Stuart Winchester Apr 12, 2017

Using Minishift

A quick article on how to get minishift up and running locally. Firstly some helpful links:

Stuart Winchester Apr 10, 2017

Docker Certificate Workaround

Sometimes there can be issues with certificates when using docker and the cdk… I love certs.

Stuart Winchester Apr 10, 2017

Fis2 On Cdk

Just a quick post to show how to get the FIS2 stuff working on the CDK, it’s REALLY quite easy..! All taken from the fis 2 documentation

Stuart Winchester Jan 27, 2017

Dashing On Openshift

Disclaimer: I don’t really know how to code Ruby!!!

Stuart Winchester Jan 18, 2017

Openshift Ha Labs Worklog

Here are my workings through the Dokeos Lab, I have opted to do the development spin, and use the latest f8-m-p in order to generate the openshift templates via java.

Stuart Winchester Jan 16, 2017

The Wanted Down Under Formula

If anyone doesn’t know it, there is a TV show called “Wanted Down Under” aired here in the UK. It has become somewhat of a slight obsession of mine since I did spend almost 10 years in Australia, although for me the move was something of an accidental opportunity which turned out to be a fantastic 10 years resulting in gaining Australian citizenship and I really hope to move back one day.

Stuart Winchester Jan 4, 2017

The Tools Of The Trade

The tools of the trade, here I will run through some of the tools that I use quite often to help me for software development and the tech life.

Stuart Winchester Jan 2, 2017

The Java Dependency Ecosystem

I decided to write about this when finding out from a number of graduates that they had not even heard of Maven, so this article aims to break down the basics so you can have a deeper understanding on how this stuff works..!

Stuart Winchester Jan 2, 2017