Stuart winchester in Coding 34 minutes

The Tools Of The Trade

The tools of the trade, here I will run through some of the tools that I use quite often to help me for software development and the tech life.


Not my favourite Java editor, but it is so much more than a Java IDE. There are many many plugins for Eclipse which makes it a default go-to for developing various projects. For me, Eclipse has a great WSDL editor and is a great starting point for me if I ever have to tackle SOAP web services.


My favourite Java editor, I have been paying for it for a few years now which can put people off buying it. I’m going to attempt to live with my ongoing support version of IntelliJ to see if I can survive without the latest and greatest version.

Oracle VirtualBox

Great app which will allow you to run virtual machines on your machine.


Works hand in hand with VirtualBox and allows you to define reproducable virtual machines using Vagrant Files.

Sublime Text 3

Still my favourite text editor and my default go to. There are tons of plugins available through the Package Control - with a few of these plugins and by using shortcuts it is a great productivity tool! I bought the license, so I somewhat stuck to it.


Relatively new for me, but I intend to use it more in the future.


Very simple git client, very visual.


Default browser. Enough Said.


REST Client which can be installed via a Chrome extension. Allows you to export your requests as curl statements or as a Postman json file. Great for toying with RESTful services.


REST and SOAP client for web services, great for SOAP services.